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Jumbo-Intro Nachtrag zu Lot TD 6-1969 Sitzende Elefanten (Meldung vom 21. August 2012)
Good things certainly come in twos as well as threes, and such is the case here with auction lot TeddyDorado 6-1969, a pair of sitting Steiff "Jumbo" elephants. TeddyDorado offers rare and incredibly valuable old Teddy bears and other early treasures representing Steiff´s one-of-a-kind craftsmanship from its 130 years of its manufacturing history. We are also proud to auction off unique Steiff hand samples made in the 1950s/60s. Rebekah Kaufman, who is an official Steiff Consultant Archivist in the USA and also the admin on the Steiff Facebook page, wrote an internet blog on WorthPoint.com telling why ...

... these two Steiff "Jumbo" elephants are so special to her. Click here to go to the blog or you can find the text below.



Jumbo-02    Jumbo-03

Jumbo-04    Jumbo-05



Jumbo-08    Jumbo-09


For more information on Rebekah Kaufman, please see our announcement dated 1st September 2011 titled Rebekah Kaufman will come to The Steiff Summer Fest 2012 in Giengen/Germany.